Sorry to hear about what happened to your children.

I can only imagine the primal rage a knowing parent must feel about this.

Hopefully, the truth will come out soon. If it does, we'll hopefully have time to rectify a lot of the damage that's being done. (I bet that people will be focused on finding remedies, and since necessity is the mother of invention, there will be little in the way to stop people from doing this.)

Thanks for giving this man's story a voice.

That's an example of speaking for those who don't have a voice.

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I am so sorry Dr. Negase, I too am concerned for my kids. They wouldn't listen, plus early on I was still in a fog myself. Prayers and thanks for getting the truth out no matter the consequence. Amy.

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Dr Nagase, I just wanted to say I am so sorry to hear that news about your children & tell you that you are not alone in your worry. I’ve heard you before speak about the concerns regarding these injections, & I think you are wonderful for saying all the concerns & truths that exist. I understand completely the concern for your children after taking these dangerous, experimental injections. I warned my 21 year old son incessantly for two years to not take the poison jabs, & I helped him get a religious exemption for his college in 2021. Then in January of this year, I learned my son caved & took two Moderna jabs in Feb & March of 2022. I was devastated, a bit angry, & felt a bit betrayed that he didn’t trust my judgment. And of course, I was (& still am) filled with worry for him over the effects of this toxin. Basically, he thought his mother was overreacting, he trusted his government, & he wanted his freedom. He was tired of testing weekly at his college (saliva PCR tests), he figured all his friends had taken it & seemed fine, & he mostly took it so he could get into the Staples Center for a stupid concert (we are in So Cal, USA). I told him sometimes we have to be temporarily inconvenienced, especially when your government wants to restrict your movement unless you take an experimental treatment. So, since then I’ve been giving him NaC, bromelain, nattokinase, serrapeptase, & C60 (he lives with me). I’ve heard about diatomaceous earth & chlorine dioxide (not sure about them but I’ll look into them). And, I’ve taken him to get a d-dimer test & a troponin test. Still waiting on interpretation of the troponin test, but I think both appear normal. And, he seems to be doing okay. I ask him if he has any chest/heart pain or anything else. I worry if he goes to work out, I worry I might find him unresponsive when he sleeps, or I worry if he could develop an aggressive cancer. I also worry about the fertility/reproductive aspect IF he hopefully survives the poison! But, I have to accept that he was (sadly) of legal age to take the jabs, & he didn’t heed my warning or even do his own research. I have to accept that I don’t have control over everything. It’s hard when you can’t protect your kids even when you try. Also, I too, have been going through a hostile (not by my choice) divorce the past 2.5 years after a 20 year marriage, so I can say that I relate regarding the stresses of that as well. Yes, indeed, these are tough times. Well, just wanted to thank you for all you do & tell you that you’re not alone in your worry. I will pray for your kids...and for all of humanity that have been tricked by deception to do something harmful to themselves. I hear now that these poisons are even affecting us unjabbed, so really, I pray for all of us. God bless you & your family! Thank you for being a good, righteous doctor.

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Just emailed you a personal note my brother. You are loved and admired and we will all pray for the good health of your children and for your continued strength and courage in these dark and challenging times. God bless you.

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Thank you for your integrity and willingness to speak freely!! 🙏 I’m so sorry about your children receiving these shots against your will. I know of several families where this sort of thing happened. It’s very difficult. My daughter just today told me one of her friends at high school was SHOCKED when she disclosed she was uninjected because her parents didn’t think it was safe. The friend was stunned.

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I am so sorry to hear about your hiatus and the outcome. I believe it's possible this has happened within families with married couples too. I pray every day for the innocent and those harmed.

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For what it's worth, I believe each shot, each person, administration, etc. is unique. I am aware of 80-year olds that have taken 3 different shots from a mix of manufacturers early to mid 2021 that seem to be doing okay simply by just trying to live a healthy life. If it gives you any comfort, please check out matchyourbatch.org to enter in their batches number and check to see if any adverse reactions for been reported. I know that doing so has given me some comfort for others that I know have taken the shot. Maybe there are proactive steps that can be taken if a high-risk batch is involved.

You can search and visualize results by batch number or symptoms, as well as location, age, vax date, days to death, and more.

Share with anyone wondering if their batch(es) had VAERS reports submitted and the associated symptoms or severity. You can enter multiple batch numbers at the same time.



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Sorry to hear about your kids and this poor man. I hope your kids are okay.

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I am so so sorry, Dr. Negase. I am enraged for your children, and I am humbled by your strength to write about it and to continue bringing the darkness to light.

I concur with D.K. Fynn, from my own personal experience where all of my family is jabbed. I've lost a sister and and uncle obviously from it, but others "seem" to have no symptoms at all. My 92 year old step mom has broken down some, but it is hard to confirm if it is from the jab, or just all the other harmful medications her docs have her on.

There is hope! There are remedies, and I know I'm preaching to the choir. I am sincerely just hoping to bring a little bit of light to your world, and acknowledge how much you bring to ours every day.

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Dear Dr. Nagase: I’m so sorry re you children. Words cannot express the sympathy I feel for your circumstances. The desire to protect our children is woven into our very being and it causes the greatest suffering when we cannot always fulfil our duty of care. Your account of the man’s murder in hospital was so chilling. I cannot imagine how his family can endure the knowing. Thank you for the great courage you have shown over the past few years. These are dark days in Canada and you are one of the very few doctors to risk it all by speaking truth to power. For that I will always be grateful. Sending prayers to you and your children.

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I’m struggling to find words Dr. Nagasaki. I really want to find words to comfort you. The suffering that is being inflicted on people by this criminal agenda of government betrayal and collusion with greed is evil. I’m one of those people who was prevented from being with my beloved, vulnerable, dying mother, because of the ridiculous and unjustified ‘pandemic response’ the nursing home staff imposed. They ‘allowed’ me to watch her die on Zoom. This, despite not one case of Covid reported in her very small town; she didn’t have Covid, I didn’t have Covid. But they sternly kept me from being with my Mom ; I couldn’t be with her, or sooth her, or hold her beloved arthritic hands in mine. She was very elderly, and frail. She didn’t understand why I wasn’t with her. I can still hear her voice asking ‘is my daughter here? Where’s my daughter ? “ I am still tortured by it. WHY did they do that to us? How is it possible that compassion, empathy, and even common sense , did not override that officious sense of ‘authority’ and empowerment they seemed so much to be enjoying? Oh mom. My heart is broken.

There can be no question that we are facing the manifestation of evil. I believe we are not merely physical beings; that humanity faces these very, very difficult things in cycles of time, in order to make personal choices. Personal choices made at those times in the history of the evolution of humanity that have the power to impact not just your own personal consciousness, but that of

all of humanity. History shows us this unmistakably. People like Sophie Scholl, Rosa Parks , Nelson Mandela , Martin Luther King ; moral courage has a very powerful effect. You chose Truth, Right, and Courage in the face of evil, and by doing this, your choices, and this very important work you do on behalf of all of us, including the pain and consequences you endure, reflects these choices. You raise all of us up Dr Nagase. You give us strength.

I think this is the journey of the human spirit.

Blessings to you my friend. May you find some comfort .


The Peace of Wild Things

“When despair for the world grows in me

and I wake in the night at the least sound

in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be,

I go and lie down where the wood drake

rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.

I come into the peace of wild things

who do not tax their lives with forethought

of grief. I come into the presence of still water.

And I feel above me the day-blind stars

waiting with their light. For a time

I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.”

-Wendell Berry

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I'm truly sorry for your loss and the way you had to say goodbye. For my Dad, it was a phone call while he was literally dying. Fear has turned otherwise caring people into hateful cult followers.

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What in the world... They killed the patient!

Tho I don't have enough technical knowledge to understand all the intricate work at ER, the impression I get is it seemed as tho they had acted upon the order, rather than being guided by the patient's condition and response to the treatment.

Re the vent, if I remember correctly, Dr Shankara Chetty of South Africa said bk in 2020, (perhaps under a different condition), when the cvd patient's lungs became hard, putting the patient on the vent and trying to stretch the lungs would cause the opposite effect.

These are all unnecessary and totally illogical. The only logic I could find is the act to cause the death.

Maybe there should be some kind of written evidence that they have been given by high above, the instruction to use the ventilator and the incentives or the penalty for not following the order. Otherwise these incidents cannot be explained.

And I am sorry to hear about your children. Am speechless. So short sighted...

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Daniel this is horrific. The way I read it this 47 year old male (i.e. not frail) had an early pneumonia and they gave him less than 6 hours to respond to appropriate antibiotic therapy, then put him on a ventilator despite being non-hypoxic with a respiratory rate of 14 (normal), admittedly on an unnecessarily high flow oxygen. His ABGs were normal.

Not only was there no acute need for a ventilator but they then hit him with a high risk RA drug (when if they wanted to they could have used hydroxychloroquine) as an immune modulator when he is already past the viral phase of infection. And that killed him.

This was reckless and appears to have led to the death of this patient. There should be a criminal investigation. No doubt.

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Can there be a criminal investigation? Has there been one already, as I am replying much later? These people must be held accountable. How many times did this happen?

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First, prayers for the safety of your children after being jabbed.

I go to the Pittsburgh VA (veterans) hospital. Masks are still required or entry and medical care is denied. How is that humane?

At my last PCP appointment while wearing a mask, the nurse took my oxygen levels and asked me if they are always so low at 93. Duh! You idiots are making me wear a mask. I have pulmonary problems incurred while I was on active duty in the military. Diagnosed with asthma after I retired. Wearing a mask makes me feel like I am suffocating. My anxiety levels increase and I can feel my breathing becoming more shallow. Good thing I wasn't in the ER with oxygen levels of 93...I would be afraid they would have pumped me full of killer drugs and put me on a ventilator.

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Thank you

for your

service. Salute!

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You are my favourite doctor. I admire you greatly. You and your family are in my prayers 🙏 Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. I'm so honored to know you are my fellow Canadian on the right side of history. You are very brave and truthful. I think you are wonderful💜💜💜💯...thinking of you today and in the future, thank you for sharing. Many blessings to you and your children, in Jesus name Amen🙏💌

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They are killers. They are brainwashed and no longer think.

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Dr. Nagase, You are a modern day hero in every sense of the word. Keep fighting the good fight! Eventually good must prevail over evil, although it is hard to see it right now. Much strength to you and your family in these crazy times!

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