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Suggestion for Dr Nagase: When giving public statements which are recorded, instead of saying "College of Physicians ", name each person who makes up the College of Physicians. (Who are these SOBs?) Don't let them hide behind the Institutional name (College of Physicians), which is used as intimidation. Make each member of the College of Physicians accountable!

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Dr Nagase, how about mitochondrial DNA?

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Thank you, Dr. Nagase!

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Thanks for the deeper look at the mechanisms at work.

Very concerning stuff.

Things are finally coming around (re: the discussion with Malone you reference when such ideas in this article would be considered by the 'establishment' as too far-fetched.)

Also it definitely looks as though the authors of the original work are carefully placing their steps, as you mentioned here, to avoid the wrong kind of 'spike'.

Part 1 was the first study a year or so ago with the liver cancer cells.

Part 2 is this one.

Now at least the stepping stones have been laid. It's extremely risky for anyone going against the grain to get published. For example, that recent study by Skidmore published last month where he found very high rates of c-19 V side effects via surveys and extrapolated that to over 200k vaccine deaths, is facing the possibility of retraction because it became too popular, too quickly.

But if Part 1 and Part 2 are published and are secured, intellectually, the path for Part 3 where everything is knocked over, is open.

2023 may be the year....

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Dr.Nagase, I found your discussion on the damaged DNA so compelling, I wrote an article on your finding. I hope I did you justice because I am not scientifically gifted! It was published this morning here: https://allnewspipeline.com/Tsunami_Of_Chaos_And_Death_Arrive.php

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Hi Daniel, I'm writing a complaint to the government which is partially based on your analysis. Could you have a quick look at it? How can I get in touch with you?

My email: "message@cognitive-liberty.online"

P.S. I wrote an email to the college of physicians in Canada. They are morally deprived and need an introduction to virtue ethics.

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I feel you. Glad to hear there are also folks like me, a wounded gladiator, a controversial soldier of Christ in the first row, fighting this bizarre WW3, breathing heavily. Life is not a word, it is a sentence. A sentence we all serve, on death row, without being criminals.




Ok, time to meet with big cats!


Loved my safari adventure? Let´s go places, kittens!





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Can you post somewhere about the Purple Hue streetlights?

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